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Grain Free Dog Food

Our original recipe that’s made for dogs who can’t stomach what big pet food puts out there.

A high-protein recipe made from 100% Australian and sustainably-sourced kangaroo for healthier skin, a shinier coat, a stronger immune system, and all the energy to chase down magpies. Free from artificial preservatives, dodgy meats, and cheap ingredients.

The perfect mix for dogs with allergies, tummy troubles, or are fed up with average tasting food.

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Hover overTap any ingredient to see why we include it

The nitty gritty

You won’t find generic names that could mean any part of an animal.

We only use real names for real ingredients and tell you exactly how much of it is in there.

Just hover over any ingredient below to understand why we use it. Doesn’t have a percentage shown? That means it is included at 1% or below. Small, but important!

Kangaroo 21% (Roo Meal 16%, Meat & Liver Digest 5%)
Dog Food Meat
Kangaroo is high-protein, lean, great for dogs with allergies and free from added hormones.
Broad Beans 21%,
Asset 17
Great source of protein, fibre and vitamins & minerals. "I guess veggies are ok…. As long as it means it is Grain & Soy Free"
Chick Peas 21%,
Great source of protein, fibre and complex carbs.
Pea Protein 13%,
Packed full of balanced protein.
Potato Starch 13%,
Mmmm... Carbs! But gluten-free of course. This helps provide the optimum level of easily accessible energy when they need a burst of speed.
Beet Pulp,
Asset 21
Moderately fermentable fibre to support good gut health
Prebiotic that promotes beneficial gut bacteria
Protein, fibre and vitamins & minerals
Yucca Extract,
Plant extract to help reduce stool odour. "Me, trying to be nice to my Poo Slave"
Natural Source of Vitamin A & Beta Carotene. "Carrots help me see better right? All the better to see you with!"
Omegas, fibre & B vitamins
Antioxidants, Vitamin K & Iron. "Soo much tastier than Kale"
Asset 19
Fibre, Vitamins & Potassium
Concentrated source of iodine, zinc, iron & copper
Source of Curcumin, a powerful antioxidant. "Like a daily Golden Latte. When is our next trip to Bryon, or Brunswick Street at least?"
Fats & Oils
Beef Fat (7%),
Great tasting source of energy. "Can I pleassse lick the bowl?"
Sunflower Oil (1.8%),
Excellent source of Omega 6 to help maintain healthy skin and glossy coat. "Shinny fur helps me get my strut on at the park"
Salmon Oil,
Salmon Dog Food
Tasmanian Salmon oil is a great source of Omega 3 EPA & DHA to support brain development in puppies.
Flaxseed Oil,
Included for its high percentage of Omega 3
Coconut Oil,
Concentrate source of energy that helps maintain healthy skin. "This is paleo right?"
DHA from Algae
Long Chain Omega 3s that helps brain development in puppies and healthy skin & coat
Vitamins & Minerals
Monosodium Phosphate,
Needed for healthy bone development.
Salt is required to maintain the electrolyte balance, organs and nervous system.
DL Methionine & Taurine,
Extra amino acids for heart and eye health. Especially important for large breed dogs and breeds predisposed to some heart conditions.
Glucosamine Sulphate,
Popular amongst the oldies, Glucosamine is a naturally-occurring molecule that dogs are now getting their paws on. Used to treat and prevent joint disorders such as osteoarthritis, it’s also been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.
Hydrolised Collagen,
Collagen is a protein that connects dogs (and human) joints and tissue together like a spiderweb. We boost this recipe with small, easily-digestible collagen particles to strengthen damaged joint cartilage.
Chondroitin Sulphate,
More joint food. Chondroitin supports the development and maintenance of cartilage for legs that can keep up all sorts of mischief.
Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate,
Important for healthy skin and coat as well as immune system. "Having good skin = more belly rubs"
Essential Vitamins & Minerals
Concentrated supplement of vitamins and minerals to ensure that your woofer has everything he needs to thrive. Bet you can't say them in one breath! - Choline chloride, Calcium carbonate, Zinc sulphate, Vitamin E, Ferrous Sulphate, Vitamin C, Copper Sulphate, Vitamin B3 Niacin, Vitamin B5 D-Calpantothenate, Vitamin B2 Riboflavin, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin, Vitamin B1 Thiamine, Selenium, Manganous oxide, Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine, Potassium Iodide, Vitamin B9 Folic Acid.
Natural Antioxidants
Mixed Tocopherols and Rosemary Extract
Vitamin E and other natural mixed Tocopherols combine with Rosemary Extract to make sure bacteria doesn't build.

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein (Min) 28%
Fat (Min) 15%
Total Carbohydrates(calc) 35%%
Metabolisable Energy 368Kcal/100g

This is dog food with a difference.


Australian through and through.

Sourced, made, and owned right here in Australia.

We mix everything together in New South Wales using 84% locally-sourced ingredients.


Nutritionally Complete.

We fine-tuned our recipe with an animal nutritionist to make sure every ingredient was spot on and mighty delicious.

Dog Food Subscription

Made fresher.

By skipping stores, we can control how much food we're making and cut down the time from cooking it to shipping it to your door. It means your pup gets fresher made grain-free goodness.

Almost any dog at any age.

Seen a few pups in your time? We’ve got you, too. Whatever breed, whatever life stage, Scratch will give almost any dog all they need. Just a heads up for big breed puppies that are still growing quickly, we can't cater for you yet as we’re pretty high in protein and calcium. We'll tell you during sign-up if your dog might not be suitable, or consult with your vet if unsure.

Westy Beau

This ‘vintage’ Westie has been breaking hearts in Glenelg since 2007. Scratch helps to keep inflammation down with its easily-digestible grain-free recipe.

Beau’s box of Scratch arrives every 54 days.

Staffy Layla

A ball of energy, 3-year old Staffy Layla terrorises magpies during the day and is ready at the door to welcome the family home at night. The 28% protein in Scratch helps to keep her fuller for longer.

Layla’s box of Scratch arrives every 32 days.

Berner Ralph

Often seen around the cafes of Melbourne’s inner-North or calling the shots at his mum’s design agency, Ralph is a 2 1/2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog.

Ralph gets two boxes at a time to save a little money, arriving every 27 days.

The Food

Yes, Scratch is great for all puppies except for large breed puppies (woofers who are expected to weigh over 30 kilograms as an adult).

Large breed puppies have very specific requirements to allow them to grow healthily and to reduce the risk of developmental orthopaedic diseases.

Scratch has a high energy content (from good fats & oils) which can lead to large breeds growing too quickly and increasing health risks. It also has higher calcium content than suggested for large breeds. If we think your dog might not be suitable for Scratch while it’s growing, we’ll prevent you from purchasing at checkout to ensure that no dog owner purchases without checking with their vet first.

Small and medium sized puppies? Welcome to Scratch!

‘All Life Stages’ includes puppies, adults & seniors.

This food is nutritionally complete and designed to be great for all breeds, in all stages, except for Large Breeds while they are puppies. If your dog is a puppy and you’re unsure, see ‘Is this OK for puppies’.

Raw food diets are great as they have no processing, but it can be hard to get a completed and balanced diet from raw food alone. It also has other drawbacks like being fresh only for a few days, potential microorganisms such as e-coli, salmonella etc. Cooked protein is also easier to digest than raw.

Like dry dog food, chilled dog food has the kill step to eradicate pathogens. It has a short shelf life and often treated with a lot of preservatives to last the time from factory to home.

Wet dog food is also processed at a high temperature for a long period while sealed to ensure that all micro-organisms are killed. It generally tastes great but contains mostly water and a lot of gelling agents to make the gravy. A half-used can stinks out the home pretty quickly too!

Dry dog food in comparison is the most convenient, preserved by dehydration and receives a quick temperature kill-step to ensure all microorganisms are eliminated.

Sure! Mixing different types of food is great, but try to be consistent.

Dogs digestive systems are not as flexible as ours so when you do mix, try to keep the mix more or less the same.

There’s no such thing really. Sure, we could find a hot celebrity vet, pay them some cash and have a photoshoot as they run down a beach with a dog, but thats not how we roll.

Our recipes are developed with a Masters Degree qualified Animal Nutritionist. Scratch grain free dog food exceeds the standards of ‘complete & balanced’ pet food as defined by AAFCO.

Scratch is made in Sydney and is annually audited by a 3rd party as complying to the Australian Standard for the Manufacturing and Marketing of Pet Food (AS 5812-2017).

Traditional store-bought dry dog food may be up to a year old before you buy it. Generally, it will have a best before date, but not a production date so it is hard to tell how old it is. Dog food is normally made in large runs, then sits in the manufacturer’s warehouse waiting for a distributor or retailer to place an order.

It then sits in their warehouse waiting for a distributor or retailer to place an order. Finally it sits on the shelf at the retail store with hundreds of other varieties, waiting for the customer to come in and want that exact product.

We always kept in mind that Snoop (Doug’s beagle) would be our first customer and wanted to make him the ultimate dog food.

We also knew that being online-only, we had more money to spend on quality ingredients than standard retail brands. We then worked with our manufacturer and an animal nutritionist to develop the best recipe we could.

We even had to twist their arm and source new high quality ingredients just for us. The things we really get passionate about are:

  • Sustainable single-source animal protein
  • Grain free, corn free, soy free food, with low starches
  • High protein but only through real ingredients – no concentrate

Each piece of kibble is approximately 10mm in diameter.

28% of the Scratch recipe is Kangaroo Meal. This is Kangaroo meat, bones & organs that has the fat removed, then is dehydrated and milled into a powder. 5% of the recipe is Kangaroo digest. This is normally hidden in other manufacturer’s products as ‘gravy’ or ‘natural flavours’.

Our digest is Kangaroo meat and organs that are emulsified with a natural enzyme that breaks down the proteins into its amino acids. This makes it easier for dogs to digest and takes the flavour up to 11!

We wanted to make a food with only one animal protein to make it as simple for dogs to process as possible, rather than filling it out with cheap proteins like poultry meal. Having one animal protein also helps to reduce the chance of allergies. We could not add any more kangaroo without unbalancing the food.

Higher protein doesn’t necessarily mean best either. While high protein is a signal for potentially healthier food, not all proteins are equal.

Based on your dogs weight, age and activity level, we will recommend a daily feeding amount calculated on how many calories your dog needs. Go to our feeding guide to work out how much delicious Scratch they are lucky enough to eat each day.

How it Works

Just like hoomans, some dogs don’t like change.

It’s also important to remember that sometimes the old food that they may be used to may have had lots of salt or other additives that made it taste great, even if it was not healthy. Be persistent and try not to be trained by your fur baby.

If you’ve transitioned to Scratch and you’re still unsure, we do offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your first order, no questions asked.

Based on your dogs weight, age and activity level, we will recommend a daily feeding amount calculated on how many calories your dog needs.

Just like hoomans, dogs have varying activity levels and metabolism rates. Different food recipes also have different energy levels and densities, so one cup of two different dog foods can also have a big difference in energy availability.

It is OK for you to adjust the amount you feed your dog but just remember that over 50% of dogs in Australia are overweight or obese and this can impact how many years you will have together.

There is a resealable bag inside the box. This is important to keep the food fresh, and store all the great smells inside for feeding time!

Delivery & Payment

We currently use Australia Post, with no signature. Your driver will leave the box in the best place possible. We don’t want you to have to try to get to your local post office during business hours, and then have to lug home a heavy box of food.

We ship to most places in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia.

Shipping is free for all Melbourne & Sydney customers and subsidized down to a small fee for everyone else. Head to checkout and enter your address to see exactly how much it is to get to your door.

One day (hopefully in 2019) we’ll offer free shipping Australia-wide, but shipping dog food is expensive, so we’ve subsidized the cost as best we can for now. Watch this space.

Everything Else

All our packaging is recyclable. To get the best value out of recycling the bag, we suggest you put them in the bins available at most supermarkets.

We have chosen not to sell in pet stores. We can get you a better food at a better price, as well as being more convenient.

30 years ago, most dogs lived in the backyard rather than on the bed. We now fully accept them into our families as little fur babies.

While pet food has improved, we don’t think that regulation has kept up. In fact, it is still only a voluntary standard that exists, and that was written by the pet food industry itself.

While our manufacturing partners are PFIAA members and audited to the voluntary standard, we have currently chosen not to join. We especially believe that the standard does not demand the transparency that consumers expect and deserve. The flexibility that it allows marketers to deceive and promote is more appropriate for business generations ago, not now.

What's Included?

Scratch Boxes

Feeding & Transition Guide

Our mates are used to the same meal, day in day out.

A sudden change can stress out their digestive system and get you diving for the poo bag.

Follow our transition guide to get them on to Scratch smoothly.

75% Original
25% Scratch

50% Original
50% Scratch

25% Original
75% Scratch

100% Scratch